There are numerous opportunities for sustainable actions in the laboratory, office, and break rooms.Recycle-symbol
For more information please see Boston University’s Sustainability page. Sustainability is more than just recycling!

If you have a specific question about Biochemistry Sustainability please contact: Matthew Layne

General Recycling information:

BUSM has single stream recycling and items should be placed in the large blue barrels on every floor.

What can and cannot be recycled is located on posters next to barrels and additional information on here:

Laboratory Recycling: certain items gathered in laboratories can be recycled. Of course these are items that are clean and free from any chemicals, biologicals, etc. Mostly these items are catalogs, glove boxes, clean tip boxes. More information here LabRecycling

Laboratory Equipment Exchange: Do you have working equipment that your lab no longer needs? Before you buy something new please check this page if it is available for free! Equipment exchange

Computer Energy Saving & Recycling: Please adjust your computers to be off when not in use. This is especially true for lab computers which do not require automatic updates. Guidelines and instructions are here: Computer Energy. There are opportunities for giving away working computers as well as recycling those machines that are no longer function. Information here:

Green Office program: The Green office program provides guidance and suggestions for making your work environment more sustainable. If you would like help or need more information You can download the survey here. Please contact us at if you are interested in getting your office certified.