Department of Biochemistry Research



The Department of Biochemistry, established in 1935,  has a long-standing and impressive history within Boston University School of Medicinelocated in the heart of Boston’s South End. The current department ranks among the top of the 106 US medical school biochemistry departments in total NIH grant funds awarded. The graduate program in the Department of Biochemistry accepts qualified applicants into MA, PhD, and MD/PhD programs providing research training in the laboratory of a faculty member.

The major areas of focus of the biochemistry research in the department are in the fields of molecular and cellular biology. Specific research interests include extracellular matrix biochemistry and molecular biology, regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic cells, developmental biochemistry, vesicle trafficking and signal transduction, protein structure and function, mechanisms of catalysis, protein membrane interactions, growth control and cell cycle, neurobiochemistry, mechanism of action of steroid hormones, and mechanisms of oncogenesis.

Research Themes