Analytical Instrumentation Core

Analytical Core Instruments Available:


Gel Imagers



qPCR Machines



Protein Readers
and Imagers

Other Instruments

Analytical Core Services Available:

1. Protein/Cytokine Array Service

2. Fatty Acid and Monosaccharide Analysis

3. qPCR Array Service

Latest News:

  • We Currently have a new Protein/Cytokine Array Service! Click Here for more information !
  • Coming Soon: Curiox Biosystems DropArray Platform to Miniaturize and Improve Luminex Bead-Based Assays! Click Here for more information!
  • Please Try Our Milliplex Human Cytokine 38-Plex Panel! Perfect For Screening! Click Here for more information
  • Emergency Contact for Instruments: Call Lynn Deng or Matthew Au. If no one answers please email either or Leave your name, instrument you are working with, and problem and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you!

Upcoming Core Seminars: TBA

Mission of the Core:

The objective of the Analytical Instrumentation Core is to provide support/training to investigators through cutting-edge analytical instruments and services to facilitate research and education in the Department of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine as well as Boston Medical Center. We maintain all core instruments and provide open access to resources in an effort to increase accessibility of instruments for investigators. We fully support investigators in their efforts to win extramural research funding and introduce innovative instrumentation through the use of regularly held seminars.


The Analytical Instrumentation Core’s central laboratory is located at 670 Albany Street, Lab 232, Boston, MA 02118. Other satellite sites on the BUMC include W-, X-, E-, R-buildings and the Evans Biomedical Research Center

Please contact Lynn Deng for access to buildings and lab locations

Please Help Us Help You!:

Grants: The Analytical Instrumentation Core operates at a loss and is subsidized by the Department of Medicine. What does not get included in the balance sheets are the indirect costs generated from grants obtained with the help of data from our core. You can help us continue to serve you by letting us know when you submit a proposal and/or are awarded a grant which contains data obtained from the use of our Core.

Acknowledgments: We would greatly appreciate it if authors would acknowledge the Analytical Instrmentation Core in their publications containing data obtained with the equipment and/or assistance of Core personnel.


Lynn Lingyi Deng, Ph.D.
Core Director
617-638-6920 office
617-638-7124 fax

Matthew Au
Lab Manager
617-414-2964 Central Lab

Core Help

Refurbished Instruments:

Harlow Scientific

Obtain reliable, up-to-date scientific equipment at reduced prices

91 Mystic Street, Arlington, MA 02474 . 781.641.0300

Harlow Scientific Link


Instruments wanted:

Contact: Lynn Deng at or 617-638-6920

(Exchange information for donating and requesting used instruments in BUMC research community)