Prepare Your Workspace for Intersession

Please follow the guidelines below when leaving the Medical Campus for intersession.

Offices/Clinical/ Research Areas

  • In offices, turn off all electrical devices (computers, monitor, lights, portable heaters, copiers, printers, coffee pots and lamps).
  • Unplug holiday decorations.
  • Remove any trash with food to common area containers.
  • Close and lock windows.
  • Lock office doors.
  • Set back temperature of workspace (if not covered by Control Desk).
  • Notify Control of any possible situations that may need attention during your absence.
  • Notify Facilities if any special accommodations are needed during intersession.

    Contact Control for any routine or emergency building issues.
    Phone: (617) 358-4144, Email:

    Contact Public Safety for any access or possible safety issues.
    Phone: (617) 358-4444

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