Bioinformatics for glycomics and glycoproteomics

The Zaia lab studies protein glycosylation, a mechanism whereby glycans (complex sugar molecules) are attached to proteins through a series of biosynthetic enzyme reactions.  Because the reactions do not go to completion, the result is a populations of mature protein molecules heterogeneous with respect to glycosylation and diverse with respect to biological activities.  Many families of proteins contain domains (known as lectin domains) that bind to glycan substructures (known as epitopes, containing 1-5 monosaccharide units).  Glycosylation of a protein strongly influences its binding to other proteins via lectin domains.  The lab is studying the mechanisms whereby viruses alter glycosylation of surface glycoproteins in order to escape host immune response.  We have generated large datasets measuring the expression of glycans and glycoproteins from virus evolution experiments, using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry.

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