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Student Activity Guidelines

UPDATE: Food purchases are currently prohibited until further notice.

  • After obtaining explicit approval from SAO, groups may purchase gift cards for individuals to acquire their own food for events.


  1. On campus events must be open to, and benefit, the entire Boston University Medical Campus Community. Events must be pertinent to a group’s mission statement and yearly goals. Events strictly for recruiting volunteers/members will not be funded.
  2. To be eligible for Student Group requested on a semester basis funding your group must be recognized by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). For a list of OSA-recognized groups please visit their website.
  3. AdHoc funding may be requested by either a group or individual
  4. SCOMSA requires that students document all outside sources of funding.  The amount of funds that SCOMSA allocates will be contingent on the amount of outside funding received. 
  5. Travel within Boston will not be funded unless it is for a service learning group
  6. SCOMSA will not fund any items that will be used for student group fundraising
  7. Student fees cannot be spent on speaker gifts
  8. Large Community Events may receive an overall budget of $500 + $25 for each collaboration
    • The event will receive a total of $500 + $25 per group involved
    • MUST report to SCOMSA your organizational and advertising methods to ensure there will be a large number of participants.
    • MUST meet with Amanda to organize
  9. ALL events must be posted to the Student Activity Calendar in order to receive their funding
  10. During the pandemic, if you need to re-organize your event for social distancing, we will be  allowing groups to re-allocate their approved funds for new purposes upon request


  1. Interest/Intro Meetings or Recruting Events are not eligible for food
  2. Trainings/Workshops/Demos/Orientations are not eligible for food
  3. Student Groups will have a base food budget of $100/semester for small events (i.e. Lunch Talks). If only 1 event is eligible for food, the group will have a base budget of $75/semester
    • An additional $25 will be added to the food budget for each student group collaboration.
    • You may spend your food budget across the semester however you like. For example if you have two lunch talks you may spend 50/50 or 75/25 etc.
  4. Cultural Celebrations, Cooking Activities, and Networking Events will be given extra funds for food on top of the base budget
  5. Networking Events may receive their own food budget up to $100 + $25 for each collaboration.
    • One group will receive the $100 for the event and each group involved will receive an extra $25 for collaborating

PPE (1/2021)

  1. PPE will not be funded for clinical activities in the hospital or involving patients due to the school’s current safety protcols not allowing voluntary clinical experiences.
    • If restrictions are lifted before the end of the semster groups may apply for AdHoc funds to cover PPE costs for these activities


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