Student Group Guidelines for Activities

These guidelines were last updated January 8th, 2024

Please refer to our FAQs before contacting SCOMSA regarding changes to our guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. All events you host using SCOMSA funding must be open to and benefit the entire BUSM student body. Your event must be aligned with your group’s stated mission.
  2. Your group must be officially recognized by the Student Affairs Office and SCOMSA. For a list of approved groups, please visit the website.
  3. Adhoc funding may be requested to cover events that were not declared as a part of the semester budget request process or additional costs that you anticipate for a preapproved event.
  4. All outside sources of funding must be documented and reported to SCOMSA. Total funding from SCOMSA and external sources cannot exceed the total costs of the event (i.e. you cannot make a ‘profit’ from the event).
  5. Any event that receives SCOMSA funding must be posted to the Student Activities Calendar. The link to do so can be found on our website (‘Activity Calendar’).
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that your event’s time does NOT coincide with any other event posted on the Calendar. You are not permitted to host any events at the same time as another group’s event, or an academic obligation such as a class or exam review.
    • All students must have the ability to attend your event as you are being funded by money that comes from all BUSM students. Thus, they must know that it is happening and there must not be restrictions to attend (e.g. prior membership in your group).
  6. The fiscal year ends on the last day of June and begins the following day.
  7. All funding from SCOMSA requires prior approval. SCOMSA reserves the right to partially or wholly deny reimbursement requests submitted without first obtaining funding approval (see ‘Request Funding’).


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