Volunteer Community Service


Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center, our major teaching hospital, both have a long tradition of community engagement serving the less fortunate in the city of Boston.

BUSM supports our students in the development of a rich group of activities through Volunteer Community Service Activities. These activities provide opportunities for students to volunteer their services in the greater Boston community. BUSM provides oversight with advising, programmatic, and financial support along with monitoring of activities.

Volunteer Community Service Activities may also be used to fulfill the requirement for the Essentials of Public Health course for Service Learning.


Students provide important volunteer services to the community and each student is encouraged to complete a voluntary guided reflection exercise during the experience. This exercise may be a written or video recorded, stored in the student’s ePortfolio, and reviewed with their core faculty advisor who meets with students each semester, with a dean in Student Affairs, and/or with their Voluntary Community Service Activity faculty advisor.

At the beginning of each year, student leaders for each Volunteer Community Service Activity group must submit their mission, goals, and objectives for the year to the Student Affairs Office. Student leaders must also submit an end-of-year report, detailing their activities for the year, and a summary of the group’s experience with respect to their achievements relative to their proposed goals and objectives. Documentation of all orientation and training of students engaged in the activity must also be included.

Requirements for Participation

To participate in a Volunteer Community Service Activity, students:

  • Must be in good academic standing.
  • Must participate the appropriate formal training (if the activity involves interaction with clients). Client interactions must be performed under direct supervision of a licensed clinician. This training plan and training logs are submitted to Student Affairs for review.
  • Are encouraged to create a reflection piece, included in their ePortfolio.
List of Volunteer Service Activity Groups: