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Semester Budget Request


DUE DATE for Fall 2021: May 21th

COVID UPDATE: All events submitted must follow current school safety policies including social distancing and food restrictions.

Please review our funding guidelines here.


Goals: Encourage forward planning and bring quality programming on campus.

  • One budget for the whole semester (does not rollover between semesters)
  • SCOMSA will meet at the beginning of the term to vote on the budget and approve for the whole semester
  • Once approved, groups will spend out of their budget with SAO (planning events)
  • AdHoc funding may be allocated on case by case basis for unanticipated events
  • The form serves a framework of events to happen in the semester, rather than nitpicking details for the event such as the exact date and location.

How do I fill it out?

  • Student leaders should meet to discuss and plan events they want to host and how to spend their budget for the upcoming semester.
  • Google form detailing budget for the rest of the semester 
    • Goals of the student group
    • Total budget for the semester
    • General date and description of the event 
  • Submitting the form does not guarantee full funding- the funding for each individual group will depend on total available funding and need for each group.
  • You can submit your Fall 2021 form using this link

What if I need some more funding for this semester?

Ad Hoc Funding Request Form

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