Examsoft Instructions

BUMC primarily uses Examplify, a testing software developed by ExamSoft, for course assessments. Please read the information below carefully. It is important to properly set up your computer in preparation for an exam to minimize any technical issues during and after the exam.

In-Person Exams

Remote-Proctored Exams

In-Person Exams

Before Exam Day:
  1. Download and install Examplify on your Windows or macOS computer by following the instructions from: https://examsoft.com/busm
  2. Set up your computer with the following configuration:
    macOS Settings: Detailed (ExamSoft Link)

  3.  Take the Mock Assessment ‘Tech Test 2023-2024’ (Password: test2324)’ to test your system before the actual Exam.

    Remote-Proctored Exams

    In special circumstances. your instructor may hold a remote-proctored exam. This requires Examplify to access your webcam and microphone. Make sure your computer is configured correctly by referring to the following settings.

    Before Exam Day:
    1. Ensure your computer is equipped with a webcam and a microphone. Note: iPads and Chromebooks are not supported.
    2. Please make sure that your camera, microphone, and screen recording settings are enabled for Examplify. (macOS 10.13/10.14 does not have the option for “screen recording” in the settings, but those versions are compatible).
    macOS Settings: Detailed (ExamSoft Link)

    In addition to Full Disk Access and Screen Recording Access (see instructions above):

    Windows Settings: Detailed (ExamSoft Link)


    Surface Pro Devices:

    If ExamID or Examplify is requesting camera access and it is already enabled or the camera selected is the rear-facing camera, you will need to disable the rear camera in the Device Manager. This process is different for the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4:

    Surface Pro 3:

    • Device Manager > Cameras > Microsoft LifeCam Rear > Disable
    • Device Manager > Intel R AV Screen Camera > Disable

    Surface Pro 4:

    • Device Manager > Imaging Devices > Microsoft Camera Rear> Disable
    • Device Manager > System Devices > Microsoft Camera Rear> Disable

    Additional Information:

    Once you have these permissions enabled, you should restart your computer and then re-launch Examplify.

    • Examplify should be running Version 3.4.4. If you are not on the latest version, login and download it from the link below. Examplify Downloads and System Requirements are available at: https://examsoft.com/busm
    • In the Examplify Application, download and take the short ‘Tech Test 2023-2024’ (Password: test2324)’ to test your system before the actual Exam. The Mock Assessment will take a webcam photo of you for verification purposes, create a recording and upload it to ExamSoft upon completion. Please complete this exam before your actual exam.
    • You will receive an email from an EdMedia team member when your Mock Assessment and exam are available to download.
    • When you start the exam, a webcam recording will also begin. Move your device around to show your immediate area on camera for security purposes. You will be recorded throughout the Exam.
    • If the Digital Notepad is enabled by your faculty, you’ll have the ability to take digital notes during the exam. Check the option to ‘Submit Feedback’ to save your notes during the exam.
    • Once you submit, your exam file and the webcam recording will be uploaded. This may take a few minutes to process, so please be patient.

    For Technical Support During A Remote-Proctored Exam, log on to the exam Zoom session or contact: