Past Mentors

Mentors Expertise
Howard Bauchner, MD Pediatrics
Emelia Benjamin, MD, ScM Cardiovascular genetic epidemiology, inflammatory markers, atrial fibrillation, vascular function
Shalender Bhasin, MD Endocrinology, diabetes & nutrition
Jack Clark, PhD Qualitative research, cancer, caregiver roles
Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH Patient safety, primary care
Lindsay Farrer, PhD Genetics, Alzheimer’s
David Felson, MD, PhD Osteoarthritis, clinical epidemiology
Lisa Fredman, PhD Multiple caregiver roles, prevention
Karen Freund, MD, MPH Minority health, prevention, health services
Michelle Henshaw, DDS, MPH Oral health conditions on effect of quality of life, oral health disparities
Alan Jette, PhD Disability, aging
Nancy Kressin, PhD Socio-economic and racial factors of chronic disease
Lynn Rosenberg. ScD Cancer epidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology
Patricia Resick, PhD Mental health, post traumatic stress disorder
Jeffrey Samet, MD, MPH Alcoholism, HIV, substance abuse
Rebecca Silliman, MD, PhD Aging, cancer, diabetes health services
Vasan Srini Ramachandran, MD Cardiology
Carol Simon, PhD Health economics, managed care
Elizabeth Stier, MD Oncology – Gynecology
Monty Montano, MD HIV pathogenesis, muscle biology, and aging