Elizabeth Whitney

Assistant Professor neuroscience, gross anatomy, histology, education

  • Title Assistant Professor

    neuroscience, gross anatomy, histology, education
  • Office Office: L-1004, BUSM
  • Phone 617-358-1990

Dr. Whitney earned a Ph.D. in Anatomy and Neurobiology from the Boston University School of Medicine. Working under the guidance of Dr. Gene Blatt and Dr. Thomas Kemper, Dr. Whitney’s research focused on the neuropathology of autism. Using immunohistochemistry and standard histological staining techniques, she studied cerebellar organization and the relative density of neuronal subpopulations. Along with prior research documenting the timing and sequencing of key developmental events such as neuronal proliferation, migration and synapse formation, her work has been useful in gaining insight into the timing of the neuropathology in autism. More recently, Dr. Whitney has been involved in several anatomically based research projects.

Dr. Whitney spends much of her time with formal teaching responsibilities and student advising. She is the course director for the Dental Anatomical Sciences-I course, a course that covers the topics of histology and neuroanatomy. She also serves as the co-director of a laboratory-based histology course for Department graduate students. Additionally, Dr. Whitney is involved in teaching human gross anatomy to both the medical and dental students; she gives numerous lectures and assists in the laboratory in both courses. Dr. Whitney is the six-time recipient of the Proctor and Gamble Excellence in Teaching in the Basic Sciences award at the School of Dental Medicine, and is the 2017 recipient of the Educator of the Year in the Preclinical Medical Sciences award at the School of Medicine.

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