Maryann MacNeil

Assistant Professor gross anatomy, histology, embryology, education

  • Title Assistant Professor

    gross anatomy, histology, embryology, education
  • Office BUSM, R-1005
  • Phone 617-414-2336

Maryann MacNeil received her degree in Physical Therapy summa cum laude from Northeastern University. Her clinical experience was in neuro-rehabilitation, primarily with traumatic brain injury and pediatrics. She came to BUSM as a student in 2004 and, based on her interest in anatomy and particularly in research related to the neural response to aging, joined the Anatomy and Neurobiology Department. Her research was in sleep physiology, specifically comparing circadian rhythms in young verses aged populations. After completing her Master of Art degree in 2006, she was offered a faculty position in the department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. As a faculty member, the majority of her time is spent in formal teaching responsibilities and working with students. She covers the topics of Gross Anatomy, Medical Histology and Medical Embryology in courses taught in the medical school, dental school and graduate school. She is currently working towards her doctorate degree at Northeastern University.

CV: Maryann MacNeil, M.A. – CV

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