Marlene Oscar Berman, Ph.D.


Phone: 617-638-4803
Fax: 617-638-4806
Location: L-815, BUSM

Lab: Laboratory of Neuropsychology

CV: Marlene Oscar Berman, PhD– CV

Recipient of: Visiting Professorship, the University Melbourne, Australia, 2001

Tribute to Lifetime Achievement, Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society, 2004

NIH Senior Scientist Research and Mentorship Award, 2007 – 2015

Henri Begleiter Excellence in Research Award, Research Society on Alcoholism, 2011

Distinguished Career Award, International Neuropsychological Society, 2012

Professor, Ph.D. Program in Behavioral Neuroscience, BUSM, and Departments of Psychiatry, Neurology, and Anatomy & Neurobiology, BUSM

Research Scientist, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare System

My research represents a continuation of ongoing projects aimed at understanding the full extent of neuropsychological deficits and intact skills in individuals with brain damage from a variety of etiologies. My colleagues and I use sensitive behavioral paradigms in combination with structural and functional brain imaging technologies. We have made major contributions in multiple distinct areas. Our work probably is best known for characterizing the brain mechanisms underlying perceptual, emotional, and cognitive impairments associated with chronic alcoholism, including alcoholics with and without clinical signs of Korsakoff’s syndrome (severe amnesia for events occurring since the onset of extensive brain damage). We have published approximately 250 peer-reviewed manuscripts, invited reviews, and book chapters. See for a brief overview of Dr. Berman’s current research.

Recent Publications

Blum, K., Femino, J., Teitelbauum, S., Giordano, J., Oscar-Berman, M. & Gold, M. (2013). Neuroscience of Addiction Recovery: Demystification of the Twelve-Step Program and Fellowship. New York: Springer Books in Neuroscience (in press).

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