Impaired Colleague


Alcohol, drugs, and gambling can be dangerous and costly to the person involved, his or her family, and the workplace. Some of the substances that are considered addictive include alcohol, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, marijuana, tranquilizers, and some prescription drugs. Substance use becomes abuse when it is habitual and interferes with a person’s functioning at work or in a relationship.

If you (or someone close to you at home or at work) are worried about the effects of alcohol or drugs, ask yourself:

  • Have you ever tried to cut down your use of alcohol/drugs?
  • Have you ever been angry with someone who has criticized your use?
  • Have you ever felt guilty about your use?
  • Have you ever had an “eye-opener” (a morning use of substance to reduce the effects of hangover/shakes, headaches, thirst, or craving)
  • Have you had blackouts?
  • Have you missed work, been late, or left early because of your substance use?
  • Have you ever been arrested for driving under the influence (DWI or DUI)?

If you (or the person you are thinking about) can answer yes to any of these questions, you may want to speak with a professional about options for treatment.


BMC Employee Assistance Program – free, confidential counseling and referral service via toll-free phone line or in person for BMC employees and eligible dependents. (Password for BMC Employees: LMEAP).

Faculty and Staff Assistance Office – free, confidential counseling and referral service for faculty, staff and their families with locations on both Medical and Charles River campuses
Office of the Ombuds – confidential, impartial, problem-solving resource serving faculty, staff, and students on the Charles River and Medical Campus.
BUMC Alcohol Guidelines – guidelines for the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages at BUMC events
BU Human Resources –Human Resources available to prospective, current, and retired employees of Boston University, on both the Medical and Charles River campuses.

Off Campus:
Physician Health Services – confidential consultation and support to physicians, residents and medical students facing health concerns related to substance abuse and more
Social Work Therapy Referral Service – free, confidential social work telephone referral service
STEP Boston (at North Station) – outreach and recovery support for people with addictions
Eliot Community Human Services and Tri-City Mental Health – private agency providing a full range of supports and treatment options