“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”

Have you ever wonder what effect the foods have on you? Food is nourishment; it is the fuel for our bodies to function properly. Today, we know that bad nutrition is associated with many chronic diseases, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain types of cancer. It can also have powerful effects on mood and sleep. The key to good nutrition is having a well balanced meal, including foods from different food groups to ensure adequate nutrient intake. Take the quiz below to assess how well you are eating.

Self-assessment tools:

Rate Your Plate
BMI Chart
Nutrition Knowledge Test Nutrition Knowledge Post Test answers

Quick tips to improve your nutrition: (taken from

1. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables
2. Switch to fat free or low fat (1%) milk
3. Make half your grains whole grains
4. Enjoy your food, but eat less
5. Avoid oversized portions
6. Drink water instead of sugary drinks
7. Eat small frequent meals
8. Build a health meal (


Nutrition and Weight Management Center provides information regarding our adult outpatient nutrition and weight management clinic services and how to schedule appointments to see a nutrition physician and registered dietitian. Call to make appointments with a registered dietitian to further assess your diet and counsel on modifications to promote better nutrition. Clinic located at 732 Harrison ave, Preston building, 2nd floor.
Weight Loss Surgery provides information regarding weight loss surgery options provided at BMC. Also provides information regarding the process of scheduling appointments to see the surgeon.
The Department of Pediatrics’ Nutrition & Fitness for Life (NFL) Program is an innovative clinical and community-centered obesity prevention and treatment program. Through unique interventions, initiatives and collaborations, the NFL Program seeks to support children and families in leading healthier lives.
Free Cooking Classes – BMC’s Nutrition Resource Center offers the BMC Community a chance to view first-hand how to prepare the foods that they love in a manner that coincides with a healthy lifestyle. Simple, cost-effective recipes are demonstrated while disease and condition specific nutrition education is implemented. Demonstration Kitchen is located on the 4th Floor of the Dowling Building.

chooses meals that are nutritious and demonstrates how to cook them. Classes are held in the demo kitchen on Dowling 4th floor.

Online: – information on eating a healthy diet, increasing your physical activity and how to balance intake to better manage your weight.
Eat Right – information and publications on weight control, nutrition and physical activity
DASH Diet can help you lose weight sensibly, lower your cholesterol, eat healthier and lower your blood pressure by using the DASH diet daily. DASH is a free benefit for BU employees.