About Us

The BMC Wellness Program is governed by the BMC Wellness Committee, a group of clinicians and staff with interest and expertise in addressing personal or work problems as well as wellness promotion.

Core Values
The Program considers wellness to include core values of physical health, psychological wellness, spiritual wellness, social connectedness, and a sense of engagement. The committee also values employee wellness for its positive influence on the wellness of patients.

The mission of the Wellness Program is to facilitate faculty and staff connection to available resources for health promotion or problem solving and promote a culture of wellness, self-care and mutual support for faculty and staff at Boston Medical Center.

Website goal
The main function of the website is to be a clearing house and information source for any full or part time faculty or staff member seeking services and information. The website lists the key resources and conditions for eligibility, and any associated costs.

Any discussion or communication with Wellness Program personnel is confidential unless there is evidence of risk of harm to patients, self or others.


BMC Medical/Dental Wellness Committee members include:

Member Department
Meenakshi Kumar, Director Family Medicine
Isidore Berenbaum Psychiatry
Karen Brouhard BU Faculty & Staff Assistance Office
Teresa Cheng Dept. Of Medicine
Scott Friedman Insurance/Claims
Annie Massed Obstetrics & Gynecology
Carol Mostow Family Medicine
Azadeh Nasseh Dept. Of Medicine
John Polk BU School Of Medicine – Student Affairs
Alan Rodgers Occupational and Evironmental Medicine