Frequently Asked

I am not sure who my DSA(Data Securtiy Administrator) contact person is

You can click here [click here for a partial list of school contacts] to find out who you DSA contact is.

I will need to set up a new user for a business ID.

To set up a new user for a Business Id you can click here Account Request Form. Make sure you complete the entire form and fax it to 638-4949 for approval?

I need to indicate the Employment codes and Level codes for my User ID Request and don’t know where to find the information.

You can find all the information needed by clicking here UIS Account Help.

I am replacing a position and need to assign the previous ID to the person hired.

You will only need to complete sections I and II. In section II you are going to click on New Account Creation and answer the questions. You do not need to complete the remainder of the steps unless you are changing the access the previous employer had on that business ID.

I only want to update my existing access.

Complete sections I & II checking Existing Account–Requesting Additional Access. Make sure you indicate your Userid(i.e.,MEDXXX).

I cannot access a specific source within my department?

In order to view or have any access to a specific source you will need to have this in your profile. You can either contact your DSA to verify your access or simply complete a request for access update.

I need to have signature authority on certain accounts within my department.

Please make sure you have completed the Authorized signature sheet for each individual account. Keep in mind that this form supercede’s all others submitted. Note that all signatures must be obtained again and a hand printed speciman in the middle seciton of the form must be completed including the PI of the accounts as well as signing the bottom of the form iPDF

I need to request an ID for access to process online requisitions.

You can request a requisition ID by visiting the Purchasing website. This request will only allow you to Process Online Requisitions only, should you need access in addition to requisitions you need to apply for a regular business ID. Please complete an Account Request Form and submit your request.

What is the difference between a Drafter and Completer for online requisitions?

  • A Drafter means you can only enter the requisiton information and you need to notify someone to review and sign off.
  • A completer can initiate the requisition as well as signing it. As a completer you may even have signature authority if you are referenced on the Authorizated Signature Form.

My access has been revoked by Top Secret

This means you either tried to enter your password too many times or you let to much time laps before trying to log in. I suggest you log in once a week to prevent being locked out. You can contact your DSA(Data Security Administrator)to have them reset it for you.

My password has expired and it will not accept the one I am trying to put in

It must be 8 Characters or numbers long, cannot contain any double letters or numbers in it. If the system does not except your password keep trying until it does.

I noticed that a journal entry was done on one of my accounts. How can I find out who initiated the journal entry?

To find out who initiated a journal entry you can go to US03 and enter the User ID. To find a user ID when looking at the charge from your posted entry detail, there will be a Group column (GRP) with a series of letters & numbers. Write down the first 3 letters in the group. You then want to look under the TXN-ID, the first 2 letters JF indicate it is a Journal Entry. The next 3 letters or letter number combinations indicates the persons ID. You want to write those 3 down after the group letters you now can enter that sequence of letters or numbers into the USERID under US03 to find out who initiated the Journal Entry. Should you still have questions please contact Michelle Hamm 8-4523.

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