As of March 1, 2020, TranSComm, the transportation management association (TMA) that coordinated transportation programs for the Boston University and Boston Medical Center community has transitioned to A Better City for administration of our TMA.  The continued growth and development in the South End neighborhood, combined with institutional re-organization of services by BU and BMC, led to this decision.

While this transition is unlikely to change the way most of the BU/BMC community interacts with Parking & Transportation Services, please note the following:

  • The Emergency Ride Home program, Ride Matching, and some outreach events now will be offered through A Better City, along with a number of other exciting incentive programs.
  • The Parking & Transportation Services office at 710 Albany Street will continue to provide personalized commuter assistance and transportation resources, including information about shuttles, mass transit, parking, electric vehicle charging, and carpooling. It will remain the distribution point for bike helmets, bike lights, and for BU students and employees, MBTA passes.
  • Parking & Transportation Services can be reached at 617-358-3506 if you have any questions.

For information on commuter benefits, please visit the BUMC and BMC Parking & Transportation Website.

To learn more about what A Better City TMA offers, please visit