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The Wellness Wheel!!!

BUSM Student Affairs Wellness Funding

GUIDELINES: The Student Affairs Office, in coordination with SCOMSA, provides wellness funding for specific activities that promote student well-being at BU School of Medicine. Eligible events/initiatives may be sponsored by a student or group of students with the goal of promoting wellness outside the scope of Student Activity Groups, who should apply for funding through SCOMSA. The activity can take place either on or off campus.  Anybody with a good idea is welcome to apply! Note that an activity is only eligible for either Wellness Funding or SCOMSA funding, with some exceptions for broadly inclusive events. 


 APPLYING: First, please set up a meeting with the Wellness and Advising Program Coordinator, Camille Serelus, to discuss your idea(s). Following our meeting, you will submit an application for funding, providing the objective(s) of the project/program as well as your estimated budget. Student Affairs will then review your application with input from SCOMSA. You will hear back from the Wellness and Advising Program Coordinator within a week. Given the process, we recommend that you start planning with at least a month of lead time


STUDENT GROUPS: If multiple student groups are co-hosting a large community event you may still be eligible for Wellness funds. In this instance please submit funding requests through SCOMSA either through an AdHoc request or your Semester Budgets and SCOMSA will then secure Wellness funding for you if it is needed. This process has been put in place to reduce redundant efforts for the student groups.


Previously funded activities have included:

  • Hike to Hiebert challenge
  • Kayaking on the Charles
  • Succulent Making Workshops
  • Recreational fitness events (i.e. Dodgeball, Kickball)


Feel free to email Camille ( directly to discuss your ideas, or just to talk about student wellness more broadly.

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