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Student Group Leadership

Welcome to the 2021 SCOMSA Common Application for Leadership! Please browse through the following student groups and apply for leadership by clicking on the application link or emailing the contact listed.

Current student leaders, if you do not see your group listed and would like to add your group please contact

Group name Group mission statement and emails (info found at link) Info about leadership positions Application Link/Info Deadline
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)/ OB/GYN Interest Group 2 student leaders to coordinate events with the OB/GYN department (shadowing, lunch talks, activities, etc.) Please email us ( AND your experiences and a brief description of why you want to be a leader for ACOG. January 24th
Action and Mentorship Project (AMP) We are looking for 3-4 leaders who will help facilitate and create a community of individuals interested in learning more about community health and family medicine. Responsibilities will include organizing community service activities, hosting events that will explore topics related to community health centers, and holding reflection sessions for students to talk about their clinical experiences in community health care. Application Here January 24th
Addiction Education Collaboration Co-Leader: 3 positions available Application Here January 24th
BUSM Admissions Leadership Team of 10-15 students who will assist the BUSM Admission Office with welcoming potential BUSM students to campus. Student will lead the Open House/Second Look in April, admissions tours, admissions lunches, overnight hosts, and diversity sessions. Application Here January 24th
American Geriatrics Society (AGS)/Geri Friends President (only 1 person needed, but I will select 2 if multiple people are interested) – will be responsible for planning and hosting events/programs, coordinating with speakers/other clubs, and creating a budget for the fall and spring semesters. Application Here February 1st
American Medical Association/Massachusetts Medical Society (AMA/MMS) 5 Leadership Positions Available

Chair: Responsible for overseeing the various operations of the section and communicating relevant information upward to the MMS and AMA. Collaboration with Region leadership to execute a Region 7 meeting in Boston, MA.

Secretary / Recruitment Chair: Organize & execute the recruitment endeavors throughout the year (including the student activities fair and Region 7 meeting) in collaboration with associated AMA/MMS staff persons.

Treasurer: Facilitate the submission of funding requests to the MMS and BUSM for campus events and travel. Balance the books. A separate meeting from the transition meeting is highly recommended with the immediate past treasurer.

Community Service Chair: Organize and execute community service projects based on your interests and concerns.

Legislative Advocacy Chair: Coordinate events and projects for students to interface with important healthcare policies and issues.

The final number of positions available depends on the number of interested students.

Application Here January 24th
American Medical Student Association (AMSA): Med Students for Gun Safety Coalition 2-3 student leaders interested in gun safety advocacy through the AMSA Med Students for Gun Safety coalition ( Application Here February 1st
American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) 3 Co-Presidents

The Co-presidents will share responsibilities for organizing programming to encourage mentorship, service, and leadership especially for empowering female identifying students in medicine. This includes small group mentoring sessions to chat with female physicians, an introductory dinner panel event in a variety of specialties and a yearly match panel for students to discuss challenges (including gender based discrimination) that may occur during the interview process.


Application Here January 24th
Anesthesiology Interest Group 2 Student Leaders: manage & coordinate anesthesiology events & panels, shadowing Application Here January 24th
Art SPACE Art SPACE is BUSM’s only arts-based service learning organization. We believe that art can and should serve as a means of empowerment and as a medium for people to share their stories. We want to provide the opportunity and the space for people to engage in art-making and experience the positive effects art can have. Medical students will get a chance to work with vulnerable populations in a collaborative manner.

Judy Wang,
Erin Kim,
Rishabh Singh,

Leaders (3 positions) will be in charge of:
1) coordinating volunteer events with Ruggles Assisted Living, BHCHP, and other partner organizations,
2) continuing with the SICU Garden project and working on building a sustainable model backed with measurable outcome data,
3) expanding SICU Garden to other departments of BMC;
Application Here January 24th
Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) 4 Leaders will organize talks, discussions, and social events that would teach the student body about health issues surrounding AAPI community and HCWs while promoting a healthy socialization amongst BUSM students. Application Here January 24th
Association of Women Surgeons

2-3 positions

Application Here January 24th
Boston University for Down Syndrome (BUDS) 2 Co-Leaders to pair med students to DS buddies, organize monthly events & hangouts. Application Here January 31st
Boston University Medical Campus Pride 4 co-leaders: Organize the events for BUMC Pride, including the annual potluck, social events, etc. Work with other groups to co-sponsor events. Attend Second Look day. Act as liaisons between MSPA national and student members. Application Here February 8th
BU Mentoring for Aspiring Physician Students (MAPS) 4 Student Leaders: managing & coordinating mentorship matches & panels as well as mentor training workshops Application Here January 24th
BUSM Historical Society 2-3 Student Leaders (See Application for More Information) Application Here January 24th
BUSM Pride Our mission is to allow BUSM medical students to be a source of support for LGBTQ youth in the Boston and Greater Boston community. Not only will this provide BUSM medical students with a chance to interact with LGBTQ adolescents, but students will also gain more exposure to LGBTQ-specific and adolescent-specific issues.;;;
4 leaders will work together to organize in-person visits to Waltham House or find ways to interact and support the residents of Waltham House. They will also run didactic sessions to learn about LGBTQ youth care. Application Here January 24th
Bridging Gaps in Care  

Bridging Gaps in Care is a service learning organization at Boston University School of Medicine. Typically site visits to Marcus Garvey Gardens (an affordable housing community for older adults) would involve talking to the residents, learning and performing basic clinical skills and tasks, working with the supervising medical professionals, developing educational workshops, and creating patient flyers. – Our mission: Bring preventive medical care to the people and places in Boston that need it most. – Our model: Medical students bringing regular, physician-supervised health education, and preventive screening to subsidized housing in Boston. – Our vision: Establish a long-lasting relationship with the surrounding community and create opportunities for medical students to provide preventive care to low income elders under physician supervision.

For more information, please check out our video!

Any questions can be sent to

Student Coordinator (1): manage communication between members, monitor BGC email, publicize events on Facebook, student digest, and student activities calendar

Site Visit Coordinator (1): Coordinate site visits at Marcus Garvey, communicate via email with Marcus Garvey; serve as liaison between Marcus Garvey and BGC.

Workshop Coordinator (1): Setup the room for workshops and also help prepare the slides for the topic of the month. Traditionally, each site visit is preceded by a workshop with a theme for the month (e.g. diet, exercise) so the students are prepared to have basic conversations with the residents under physician supervision.

Financial Coordinator (1): Responsible for submitting semester budget requests, reimbursing expenses, and getting approval for new events that require possible funding.

Application Here January 24th
Cardiology Interest Group 3 Student Leaders: manage & coordinate shadowing, faculty/resident panels, info sessions Application Here January 24th
Christian Medical & Dental Association Co-leaders (ideally 2 leaders) are responsible for leading weekly gatherings. Past gatherings included Bible studies, fun bonding activities, medical ethics talks, and service activities. Leaders also connect with Christian faculty at BMC and the Boston Healthcare Fellowship for guidance, prayer, and occasional guest speakers. The over-arching goal of the leaders is to help students grow deeper in their faith and live it out, especially in the context of being a healthcare student. Application Here January 24th
Climate Action Group The Climate Action Group seeks to promote campus sustainability, environmental justice in health, and climate activism on campus and in the Boston community.

Raissa Souza (
Andrew Dey (
Samantha Hall (
Punit Matta (

We are seeking 2-4 individuals for general leadership positions: we have no officers and no hierarchy. Application Here January 24th
Clinical Neuroscience Society (CNS) All leaders will equally split tasks regarding funding and food for lunch talks and events, managing email, planning out talks, etc. This can be done at their discretion. Application Here January 17th
Comfortable In Our Skin (CIOS) CIOS is a new group that seeks to assist the development of self-esteem in individuals attending school. In the past, this group has presented to middle schools on topics like acne and fitting in.

Eric OH (
Nicole Sileo (
Punit Matta (

We are looking for 2-4 people for general leadership positions; we have no officers and no hierarchy. Application Here January 24th
Boston University Coalition for Adult Immunization (BUCAI) We are looking for 3 leaders to organize and coordinate the yearly flu clinic at BUSM and Charles River Campus. Leaders will be responsible for recruiting, training, and staffing flu clinics. Application Here January 24th
Dermatology Interest Group We are looking for 2 student leaders to plan events (such as lunch talks and information sessions) and coordinate opportunities in order to expose M1s and M2s to the field of dermatology. Application Here January 31st
Emergency Medicine Interest Group Co-Leaders (4): EMIG co-leaders will work with the faculty advisor (Dr. Vonzella Bryant) on hosting various lunch talks and hands-on events throughout the year. Additionally, co-leaders will work with the Outdoors Club and BMC EM residents to organize and lead the Wilderness Medicine elective in the fall semester. Application Here January 24th
Family Medicine Interest Group 2-3 co-leaders to plan and host FMIG events each semester Application Here January 24th
Fit4You 2 clinic coordinators; 1 education and quality improvement coordinator Application Here January 15th
Genetics Interest Group 3 student leader positions available Application Here January 24th
Global Health Equity Program Jacob Cabrejas,
Elizabeth Basow,
Varnica Bajaj,
Swetha Duraiswamy,
Alex Zhuang,
GHEP aims to be a student-run and faculty-mentored resource for BUSM students interested in improving global health. We coordinate a fall elective course, speaker series, medical language offerings, and work with BUSM faculty to improve support for BUSM students interested in going abroad during the summer and clerkships.
Executive Director (1 person): Ensures smooth functioning of the club, works through the logistics, assists with planning community development/outreach events/lunch talks
Director of Community Development/Events (1 person): Organizes community development/outreach events/lunch talks
Elective Course Directors (3 people): Plan and execute the GHEP elective series
Application Here January 24th
Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA) 3 co-leaders, plan and organize annual regional Hackathon, invite guest speakers to talk about global surgery, and connect students to global surgery resources and mentors Application Here January 20th
Homeless Health Immersion Experience (HHIE) We are looking for 3-4 HHIE student leaders. These student leaders will coordinate with the OVP student leaders to select the new HHIE students, work with our advisor Dr. Cohen and BHCHP to coordinate shifts for students to interview patients at BHCHP and learn from Dr. Cohen, and host 5-6 didactic sessions for the M2 HHIE & OVP members over the course of the academic year. Student leaders should also seek to create new opportunities for the group to be involved with and give back to the community we are so lucky to learn from. Application Here February 14th Group external website: (preferred link)
SAO page:
Leaders (3-4 positions) will be responsible for (1) running the enrichment series, (2) promoting medical innovation and technology at BUSM, (3) collaborating with other cross-campus orgs and growing the medtech hub at BU Application Here January 18th
Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)

Co-leaders (2-3)

Application Here January 24th
Integrative Medicine Interest Group 3 Student Leaders: coordinate & manage panels & yoga/meditation sessions Application Here January 24th
Maimonides Society Co-leaders; responsibilities include meeting with faculty advisor Dr. Michael Grodin, organizing events/zoom discussions for medical campus students. Looking for 2-4 co-leaders. Application Here January 24th
Medical Students for Choice Co-Leaders (3) Application Here January 24th
Narrative Medicine Mission Statement: The mission of Narrative Medicine is to create an inclusive space for literary thought, reflection, and communication within the medical school community. This enrichment series includes critical discussion of readings, student writing workshops, and exploration of topics in Narrative Medicine, which we hope will help students deepen their therapeutic partnerships with their patients through skillful listening and communication.

Emails: Krishanth ( and Joyce (

Narrative Medicine Facilitators (minimum 2) – The Narrative Medicine Facilitators will share the responsibility of guiding students in the class through the modules and readings and facilitating discussion. They also have the option of tailoring the classes to their interests as it applies to literature and medicine in general. Please email Krishanth ( and Joyce ( January 24th
Ophthalmology Interest Group 2-3 Co-leaders Application Here January 24th
Otolaryngology Interest Group The mission of the Otolaryngology Interest Group (OIG) is to expose BUSM students to different aspects of the field of otolaryngology and to serve as a resource for students who have an early interest in otolaryngology. Given students’ limited exposure to the anatomy and physiology of the ear, nose, and throat within the preclinical curriculum, this group also aims to expand on this knowledge by scheduling regular talks and demonstrations from professionals in the field. Furthermore, this interest group seeks to provide a setting for students to ask and discuss any questions about the field, about the residency application process, and any other topic related to the field. Lastly, this interest group supports student initiatives related to fostering medical care within ENT directed towards minority communities, such as the transgender and deaf communities.

4 leadership positions available – Every year, the OIG organizes an “Intro to ENT” Q&A panel with attendings and residents in the fall, a Q&A panel with successfully-matched fourth year students in the spring, and a campus-wide scrub sale for M1 anatomy lab in collaboration with the Emergency Medicine Interest Group. Other events the OIG has hosted in recent years include a talk on the head & neck anatomy in collaboration with the ENT and radiology departments at BMC, a networking dinner with members from the American Academy of Otolaryngology, and a laryngoscope workshop with an ENT physician and speech-language pathologist from BMC. In addition, the OIG helps promote national otolaryngology-related events with outside institutions, and serves as a point of contact for BUSM students seeking research and shadowing opportunities with the ENT department at BMC. Application Here January 24th
BUSM Outdoor/Outreach Club We are looking for 2 co-leaders for the Outdoor Club to plan and execute activities and events for student body and the medical campus. Duties of club leaders would include planning an orientation outdoor activity day for the incoming class (virtual or in-person, we will help you sort through the logistics), managing the Outdoor Outreach Club Facebook page, co-leading the Wilderness Medicine Enrichment series with the Emergency Medicine Interest Group, managing the medical campus running club, managing the gear closet and aiding students in their efforts to take weekend trips, and planning 1-2 speakers over the course of the year who will represent the diverse group of individuals who are a part of the outdoor adventure community. Leaders can expand the plans and events of the club or can focus on a few key efforts they feel passionate about! Our hope is that our leaders will understand the complex barriers that folks can face when trying to get outside and will do their best to address this in all their club efforts. Application Here January 24th
Outreach Van Project Co-chair: Act as a point of contact between OVP and the BUSM administration. Responsible for organizing leadership meetings and setting the agenda. (2)

Clothing: Maintain a clean and organized closet, and organize clothing supplies as needed. Coordinate clothing donations, purchase clothing supplies, and work with community partners to get additional clothing donations. Plan rotating items. (1)

Food: Point person for our food donating community partners (GBFB, Star Market, Fair Foods, Chequers) and leads monthly trips to the GBFB to maintain our supply of canned goods. (1)

Advocacy: Build partnerships with community organizations and create events to promote advocacy around issues that are relevant to our clients, such as housing insecurity and immigration. Past projects have included hosting phone banking events in collaboration with immigrant and refugee rights groups. (1)

Outreach: Keep the Facebook/Instagram pages and the website updated for our followers and donors. In addition, we take the lead for the Humans of OVP posts. Outreach to East Boston community to increase the number of people aware of the van. (1)

Education: Plan and coordinate educational events for the OVP/HHIE M1’s. (1)

Fundraising: Oversee OVP grant applications, track OVP budget, and manage donations and acquisition of toiletries, school supplies, and all non-clothing material. (1)

Application Here January 24th
Parkinson’s Partners There are 3-4 positions available for leadership. Application Here January 15th
Patch Adams Our mission is to provide healing to inpatient pediatrics patients via laughter. This concept was conceived by Patch Adams, who called it “medical clowning.” Through the PA club, students will increase their ability to form meaningful relationships with pediatrics patients. There are 2-3 positions available for leadership. Each leader is a co-leader. Application Here January 15th
Pathology Interest Group 2 leaders: Manage and coordinate panels and student opportunities Application Here January 24th
Pediatric Education and Development Society Interest Group 3 positions- All 3 leaders will be responsible for volunteer opportunity outreach, research opportunities, organizing Doctor’s Day, Rodman Ride, Scholar’s Night and the t-shirt fundraisers. Application Here January 24th
Peer Advising Committee (PAC) Three Co-Leaders. Match Peer Advisors with incoming students, we organized orientation events and normally would host large group events with the whole class to encourage inter-year friendships. We also address any concerns that M1s may have and make sure, if they request it, to find them new M2s that best match their goals. Application Here February 2nd
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society (PRESS) Co-Leaders (2-3) – Co-leaders will work together to plan events and facilitate connections between medical students and the BMC Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Application Here January 24th
Psychiatry Interest Group (PsychSIG) Advisor: Dr. Andrew Clark,
Student Leaders:
• Nakul Vyas,
• Punit Matta,
BUSM PsychSIG is a student-run organization open to students interested in any specialty. Psychiatric, psychological, and emotional factors play a role in illness and recovery across medicine, from oncology to obstetrics. In PsychSIG, students explore the factors driving psychological flourishing or mental illness in individuals and communities. We also aim to provide specific information for those wishing to pursue a career in psychiatry or do research in the field.
Two to four leaders, interested in advancing PsychSIG’s mission. Responsibilities include organizing events, consulting our faculty advisor, and fielding questions from students interested in psychiatry. Application Here January 24th
Radiology Interest Group Leader/Co-leader (2 max) Application Here January 31st
Sexual Health and Medicine Enrichment Opportunity Session leaders, 4-8. no hard-set number of people we just want a team that is passionate about promoting sexual health! Application Here January 24th
BU Sleep Medicine Interest Group 3 Student Leaders: manage & coordinate faculty/resident panels & shadowing Application Here January 24th
SNAAC (Student Nutrition Awareness and Action Council) We are looking for 4 leaders to lead our 4 branches of SNAAC. Please see below for the description of each position.

1- Demonstration Kitchen: Within BMC’s distinguished Teaching Kitchen, we collaborate to cook healthy meals. Emphases are on placed on simple, affordable, and plant-based options.

2- Dietetic Intern-Medical Student (DI-MS) Match: Medical students are paired with dietetic interns in a 4 session program co-led by a medical student and registered dietitian. In this interdisciplinary setting, students gain personalized dietary counseling as well as an understanding of how to best partner with dietitians in clinical practice and how to assess and counsel patients on eating habits.

3- Medical Student Residence Garden: Every spring we plant an array of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that thrives through the summer and into fall. Come by to help plant, water, and harvest!

4- SNAP Challenge: Hunger spans all races, ages, genders, locations, and education levels. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a valuable resource. What is it like to live off $4.50 per day for food? Through meetings, social media forums, and blog posts, we stand in solidarity and share our experiences.

Application Here January 24th
Socially Responsible Surgery – Advocacy SRS is an organization which aims to reduce health disparities by increasing equitable access to surgical care and integrating social determinants of health education into our medical training. The advocacy group focuses on initiatives centered around awareness, policy, and education in order to create sustainable change in our community.


Co-Chair: Organize logistics of advocacy curriculum, 3-5 leaders Application Here January 24th
South Asian Medical Student Association (SAMSA) 2-3 leaders to organize events including career panels, cultural events, and the Annual Culture show – one of the largest events on campus! Application Here January 24th
StreetCred 3 leaders needed to recruit and guide students in StreetCred’s tax preparation activities and organize any related informational sessions and events.
Application Here January 31st
Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) We will have a group of up to five students co-lead the group together and share responsibilities. Application Here January 24th
Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) Co-leader (3-4 people) Application Here January 24th
Student Oncology Society 2 Co-Leaders: Will work together to plan events throughout the year Application Here January 24th
Surgical Society 3-4 Student Leaders who will commit to Surgical Society’s goal of fostering interest in general surgery and the surgical sub-specialties among medical students at Boston University Application Here January 24th
The Beat The Beat at BUSM is a multimedia venue for student reflections. Our mandate is wide: we accept reflections not just about medicine, but also about one’s life as a student, citizen, or human. We are committed to representing fairly and radically the full breadth of student life at BUSM. Editor — Editors will oversee the collection, editing, and publication of content for The Beat. They will receive submissions via the email account or actively solicit particular contributions themselves, make any required edits in communication with our faculty advisor, Dr. Chen, and then publish it on the website. Up until now, there hasn’t been a need for particular content editors but if you have a particular area you would like to focus on (say, music) please mention it in the application!

We have three editors this year. We will accept the same number or more.

Application Here January 24th
Urology Interest Group Urology Interest Group aims to introduce students to the many aspects of a profession in Urology and connect students to resources so that they may explore the field.

Seth Bergenholtz ( and Chris Noyes (

Two Leaders, both of which will collaborate to organize events that will give medical students the opportunity to be exposed and to network within the field of Urology. Application Here January 24th
Vascular Surgery Interest Group To increase exposure, awareness, and interest for vascular surgery amongst medical students and gain an appreciation of the role of vascular surgery regardless of their future specialty choice. Cheng,
Victoria Rosales,
Alexandra Forsyth,
2 co-leaders will organize events related to vascular surgery aimed at increasing interest in the specialty. They will be responsible for applying for funding and attending all required meetings. They will interact with students wishing to shadow, perform research, and meet mentors. Application Here January 24th


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