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Conference Guidelines


Virtual Conferences

  1. Must prove conference is virtual
  2. Will count towards a student’s 2/year conference allowance
  3. Relevant guidelines listed below still apply
  4. Will cover registration fees associated with virtual conferences only

Individuals Seeking Funds: Must be presenting at the conference

  • BU Research- Cover 80% of registration cost up to $300
  • Non-BU Research- Cover 50% of registration up to $200

Groups Seeking Funds: Must be a national conference associated with the group’s mission

  • Cover $150/registration up to $750
  • If regsistration <$100 then we will cover up to $500



  1. A funding request must be submitted to the SCOMSA at least 3 days before the SCOMSA meeting prior to the date of travel in order to obtain funds (the Sunday before the monthly SCOMSA meeting by 11:59 pm). The request forms for organizations and individuals seeking funding can be found under the “Funding tab.”
  2. Students are held to a maximum of two trips per calendar year
  3. In order to receive SCOMSA funding, a student must be actively enrolled in the Boston University School of Medicine. A student’s SCOMSA funding eligibility begins on the first day of orientation of the student’s first year and ends on May 31st after the student’s commencement ceremony. MD/PhD’s in their PhD years are not eligible for SCOMSA funding, as they are GMS students.
    • SCOMSA will NOT fund students who are receiving a stipend or academic credit for the trip.
    • Keep in mind all ride share rides are covered by SCOMSA.
  4. Costs that are covered include: Transportation, Accommodation, and Food (Food expenses are capped at $25 each day. For example, if you spend $100 on food one day and $2 on food the next day, you will be reimbursed a percentage of $27.)
  5. Costs that are NOT covered include: Registration fees (except for virtual), in-flight wifi, and travel reward miles.
    • Please note that per Boston University Travel and Business Expense Policy: “The University will not reimburse or pay for a flight that is purchased with a traveler’s own rewards (i.e. Frequent Flier Miles)…The use of these reward miles will not be reimbursed.
  6. It is expected that students will avail of the most economical accommodations in the area and that rooms will be shared when possible.
  7. Only the person whose name is on the hotel reservation will be reimbursed for that amount.
  8. Travel arrangements will be funded to and from Boston ONLY.  No additional flights to other locations will be funded.
  9. All receipts must be submitted online within 30 days of the trip.
  10. SCOMSA requires that a student documents all outside sources of funding.  The amount that SCOMSA reimburses a student is contingent on the amount of outside funding received. The total SCOMSA reimbursement plus the outside funds cannot exceed the total cost of the travel (this total cost of travel includes registration and poster printing fees).

Organizations Seeking Funding

  1. Each organization that has a National Conference or Conferences is allotted $1250 for travel and expenses for each academic year (for travel, hotel and food expenses only) to send students to ONE conference.  Each person will received 100% of their expenses up to $250.
  2. Each student is allowed to attend a maximum two trips per year, regardless of the reimbursement categories into which those trips fall. This includes funds received for individual travel discussed below.
  3. Organizations without National Conferences will be reviewed on a conference-by-conference basis with total funding not to exceed $1250 per conference.
  4. The conference maximum is $1250, and unused portions do not carry over to the next year.
  5. There is no maximum number of students that organizations may send to their National Conference. However, funding cannot exceed $250 per individual and $1250 overall.

Individuals Seeking Funding

  1. Any student may receive funding for up to two trips per fiscal year (June 1st to May 31st of the following year). This includes funds received for National Conferences.
  2. A student applying for funds to attend any conference sponsored by any of the above mentioned organizations must notify leaders of the organization and request them to apply to SCOMSA on their behalf. Students will not be funded by SCOMSA to attend organization-sponsored conferences except as part of an organization’s overall request.
  3. SCOMSA has voted to increase the funding amount given to students who travel to conferences. These reimbursement amounts will be reevaluated as the year progresses, and may be decreased if it is determined that the current amounts are not fiscally possible to maintain for the remainder of the year. Students may apply for funding in three categories:
    1. If you are presenting research completed at BUMC, you are eligible for reimbursement of up to 80% of travel, accommodation, and food costs. SCOMSA will reimburse a maximum amount of $450 for this category. To be eligible for this level of funding, students must provide evidence of presentation at the conference by including a copy of the presentation acceptance email or an equivalent confirmation email from the conference.
      1. Example: If the total trip costs $400, SCOMSA will reimburse $320. If the total trip costs $1000, SCOMSA will reimburse the maximum $450.
    2. If you are presenting research that was not conducted at BUMC or have taken an increased/active role in the conference (this includes conference planning, leading workshops, etc.), you are eligible for up to 50% of travel, accommodation and food costs. SCOMSA will reimburse a maximum amount of $250 for this category. To be eligible for this level of funding, students must provide compelling evidence of their increased role in the conference by including a copy of the presentation acceptance email or an equivalent confirmation email from the conference.
    3. We are no longer funding travel for just attending a conference.
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