Research Conference Funding Guidelines

SCOMSA will only fund costs associated with conferences hosted by legitimate organizations. Student Activity Funds cannot be used on predatory or for-profit conferences – please use your best judgment.

These guidelines were last updated October 5th, 2022

Please refer to our FAQs before contacting SCOMSA regarding changes to our guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. Funding requests must be submitted to SCOMSA no later than three days before the first Wednesday of each month. The request forms can be found under the ‘Request Funding’ tab.
  2. Students can only be funded to attend two conferences per fiscal year across all methods of funding. The fiscal year ends on the last day of June and begins the following day.
  3. In order to receive SCOMSA funding, a student must be an active M.D. student at the Boston University School of Medicine. A student’s funding eligibility begins on the first day of orientation of the student’s first year and ends on May 31st after the student’s commencement ceremony.
    • MD/PhD’s in their PhD years are not eligible for SCOMSA funding, as they are Graduate Medical Sciences students.
    • SCOMSA will NOT fund students who are receiving a stipend or academic credit for the conference.
  4. Reimbursements will only be sent to the person whose name is on the relevant receipts. All receipts must have your full name on it! If it is not printed, you may handwrite it instead.
  5. Reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of the conference. No exceptions will be granted for late submissions.
  6. SCOMSA requires that a student documents and reports all outside sources of funding. The amount that SCOMSA reimburses a student is contingent on the amount of outside funding received. The total SCOMSA reimbursement plus the outside funds cannot exceed the total expenditure (i.e. you cannot make a ‘profit’).
  7. All funding from SCOMSA requires prior approval. SCOMSA reserves the right to partially or wholly deny reimbursement requests submitted without first obtaining funding approval (see ‘Request Funding’).

We require you to obtain proof that you have exhausted other options for funding. This may be an email from your PI stating that you have sought lab funding to attend the conference and that the amount they can provide is either insufficient or that they cannot fund you. If your PI has questions or concerns, please direct them to Without this proof, SCOMSA reserves the right to deny funding.


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