Preclinical and Clinical Research

Ongoing Projects 

There are currently 119 registered ongoing preclinical and clinical projects

Within the body section there are 33 projects  dominated by trauma and ER related projects.  Modalities include 12 CT projects, 3 of which relate to dual energy,  8 MRI related projects, 3 ultrasound projects with a dominant focus on elastography  and a terahertz project.

Within the breast section there are 21 ongoing projects, many of which relate to cancer and cancer screening, technical issues of breast biopsy, wellness programs and early AI programs.

There are 8 registered educational programs that involve automating the creation of a teaching files from the PACS station, and innovations in resident and student education.

3 IR projects relate to safety issues, and evaluation of frostbite.

The MSK division have 6 registered projects involving intervention, and the use of elastography for the evaluation of tendons and soft tissues

The diagnostic neuro section has 14 projects , spanning trauma and infection, cancer atrophy safety and associations with drug abuse.  6 of the studies are multimodality, 3 MRI studies, 3 CT (2 of which involve dual energy).

Neuro IR has 28 registered projects, many of which relate to stroke and intervention, including thrombectomy, thrombolysis, aneurysmal disease, arteriovenous malformations, coiling and complications of neuro IR.

The pediatric group have 3 registered projects relating to changes in the ventricular system in premature infants, sickle cell disease, and quantitative MRI.