Christine Campbell Reardon, M.D.

Clinical Professor of Medicine
Program Director of Fellowship Training
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Director of Respiratory Care Services
Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children
BU Profile for Dr. Campbell Reardon

Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine
Internship: Boston City Hospital
Residency: Boston City Hospital
Fellowship: Boston University

Special Interests:


  • Ventilator modes in the ICU
  • Ventilator associated pneumonias
  • Lung cancer


  • Lung cancer
  • Chronic respiratory failure
  • Noninvasive ventilation


  • Airway Management Training for Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Training
  • Simulation Training for the “Decompensating Patient during Bronchoscopy”
  • Simulation Training for tracheostomy tube management
  • Bronchoscopy Simulation Training Boston University Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship Training
  • Faculty instructor: Pleural Ultrasound training for Pulmonary Fellows, Boston Medical Center
  • Faculty instructor: Central Venous Catheterization Workshop for Internal Medicine Residents, Boston Medical Center


Dr. Reardon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine. She attends in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Boston Medical Center . Dr. Reardon participates in the care of patients in the Multidisciplinary Thoracic Oncology Clinic. Dr. Reardon provides pulmonary consultative services to a pediatric neuromuscular disease clinic at the Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children.

Selected Publications:

  • Kathuria H, Hollingsworth HM, Vilvendhan R, Reardon C. Management of life-threatening hemoptysis. J Intensive Care. 2020; 8:23.PMID: 32280479.
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Dr. Reardon sees referred patients at Boston University’s Center for Thoracic Oncology