Public Safety Systems

Systems Team

The Public Safety Systems group include systems integrators,  systems electricians, ID badge coordinators and administrators.

They manage the design, installation and maintenance of physical security systems including:

  • Video Management Systems
  • Mechanical and Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Alarm Systems and Sensors
  • Electronic Life Safety and Asset Protection Systems

This team also manages:

  • Administration of Public Safety Software including Staffing, Training and Dispatch Center
  • Technical Support and Oversight of: ID Office, PS Dispatch Center, Control Center
  • Public Safety Aspects of Construction and Renovation Projects

Public safety systems include hundreds of closed circuit televisions with 24 hour a day digital recordings, thousands of electronic monitoring points including card readers and door locks, emergency call boxes and panic alarms.  These systems are monitored 24 hours a day/seven days a week by Public Safety Desk Officers located in the Power Plant Command and Control Center.  Officers monitor activities and respond immediately when required by specific events to the Boston University Medical Campus and Boston Medical Center. All of these tools contribute to an excellent crime prevention deterrent system.

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