Neighborhood Safety Tips:

  • When assisting strangers with directions or when engaged in conversations always keep a safe distance.
  • Be conscious of strangers using distracting techniques, which may give them the opportunity to take your belongings. Such techniques include asking questions such as, “What time is it?” or “Do you have a cigarette or a light?” while positioning themselves very close to you.
  • Avoid using cell phones, iPods or any mobile device when going to and from an outside location as they distract you and make you an easy target for assault or robbery. Pay attention to your surroundings, stay alert as to who is near you and what is going on around you at all times.
  • Be conscious not to publicly display large amounts of cash or expensive electronic devices.
  • When in your vehicle, always keep the doors locked until you are ready to exit.
  • Always keep valuables and other items such as packages, briefcases and backpacks out of view when leaving your vehicle unattended.