Safety Training & Crime Prevention

Informing and educating faculty, staff and students on the campus and employees of the hospital about ways to keep themselves and their property safe is one way the Department fulfills its mission. The Department offers a variety of free training sessions to BU Medical Campus and Boston Medical Center community members. Contact Eric Anderson 617-414-4431 to discuss your needs and to schedule a session for your workgroup, department or student group.

Training offered includes:

Get tips about personal, departmental and general safety and learn about resources. Public Safety facilitators will present on safety and role play a variety of scenarios.

The Boston University Police Department offers the “Rape Aggression Defense” program (RAD) specifically for women who wish to physically protect themselves against rape and other forms of violence. The 12-hour course is taught by certified BUPD RAD instructors.

The goal of the BUPD RAD program is to provide an easily accessible program of education and awareness for the women of Boston University on both the Medical and Charles River campuses. The program trains women in basic self-defense and offers them viable options when confronted with various threats of violence.

The RAD system is not a martial arts class; the RAD system educates women about defensive strategies using simple and effective tactics and a unique teaching methodology. The RAD system—a realistic self-defense program of defensive tactics, techniques, and education—is a comprehensive course for women that progresses from awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and avoidance to basic self-defense participation. The course includes an illustrated and easily read student manual that outlines the entire physical self-defense program and can be referred to for continued personal growth.

Learn how to maintain professionalism and courtesy while recognizing the signs of escalation and how to effectively deal with it. Use of verbal skills, physical gestures and appearances and knowledge of resources to satisfy customer will be emphasized. Class is one 4-hour session.