Nurse Practitioner Preceptorship

Boston Medical Center offers preceptorships in psychiatric/mental health nursing to Nurse Practitioner students.  The program preceptors are experienced Nurse Practitioner in two settings within the Department of Psychiatry.  The patients served in both settings represent the diversity of the BMC patient population and present a range of issues and acuity.

Adult Outpatient Clinic
This clinic experiences more than 70,000 visits annually.  Patient present with a range of issues and diagnoses, both substance use and mental health, and may be treated on a short term or longer term basis.

Community Crisis Stabilization Unit
The CCS is a 17-bed short term unit, part of the BMC Emergency Services program/BEST.  It is an open voluntary unit which offer 3-7 day stays, during which time symptoms are stabilized, medications are initiated or reviewed, and patients are helped to establish appointments for ongoing services following discharge from the unit.

Interested students should complete the attached inquiry form.  Point of contact is Marion Burke, RN, MSN,

Note: Please we are not accepting requests until further notice.