Selim Ünlü Ph.D.

Selim ÜnlüBiomedical Engineering

Program Director of BU-TPID

Office: PHO 826
Phone: 617-353-5067

BU Research Profile


Dr. Ünlü’s research focus is on the development of label-free biodetection with emphasis on immunoassays and protein-DNA micro-array analysis. He is an expert on nanophotonics, optical resonators applied to biological sensing, and imaging. He has invented a nanoscale imaging technique based on spectroscopic measurement of emitted light from fluorophores on a layered dielectric surface. This technique has successfully measured the conformational changes of DNA and DNA-protein complexes with nm precision.  This work forms the basis for an ongoing collaboration with Dr. Genco.  Dr. Ünlü has also invented a technique for label-free  and dynamic detection of biomolecular interactions for high-throughput microarray applications. He collaborates with 2 new faculty members on this training program Dr. John Connor (Microbiology), and Dr. Frederic Little (Medicine-Pulmonary), on protein and virus detection for infectious diseases, development of allergy diagnostics, and transcription factor DNA assays.