Ken Walsh, Ph.D.


Office: 715 Albany Street, W611
Phone: 617-414-2392


Research in the Walsh laboratory focuses on signaling- and transcriptional-regulatory mechanisms that control normal and pathological tissue growth in the cardiovascular system. Many of these studies involve analyses of the PI3-kinase/Akt/GSK/Forkhead signaling axis, which is of critical importance in the regulation of organ growth and body size. Signaling through this pathway controls cellular enlargement (hypertrophy), cell death (apoptosis), and blood vessel recruitment and growth (angiogenesis). His laboratory has demonstrated that the PI3-kinase/Akt/GSK/Forkhead signaling axis regulates multiple steps critical in angiogenesis including endothelial cell apoptosis, differentiation, nitric oxide production and migration, that some of these signaling steps are important for cardiac hypertrophy during normal postnatal development, and that they regulate myocyte survival in models of heart disease. His laboratory has constructed numerous transgenic mouse strains to examine these signaling pathways in vivo and he is currently working with Dr. Genco on the construction of TLR transgenic mouse strains.

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