James Galagan, Ph.D.

Biomedical Engineering / NEIDLphoto of Dr. James Galagan

Office: 24 Cummington Street
Phone: 7-358-0695
Email: jgalag@bu.edu


Dr. Galagan’s research integrates genomic technology with bioinformatics, engineering, and computational methods to study the genetics, biology and pathogenesis of microbes and infectious disease. His current research is focused on the genomics and systems biology of M. tuberculosis. Using next generation genome sequencing, Dr. Galagan is investigating the evolution of drug resistance and the underlying genetic diversity of M. tuberculosis. Using systems biology approaches, he is constructing a predictive computational model of gene regulation and metabolism for M. tuberculosis to better understand TB pathogenesis. His ultimate goal is to use these methods to help develop diagnostics and therapeutics that will have an impact on clinical care and public health.

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