Frank Gibson III, Ph.D.

Medicine-Infectious Diseases

Office: 650 Albany St., X-6

Phone: 617-414-5282



Dr. Gibson’s primary research interests are focused on the mechanisms underlying microbial pathogenesis, specifically to gain better insight into both host-specific and pathogen-specific activities/structures affecting diseases of the oral cavity.  The principal organism studied in the Gibson laboratory is the anaerobic pathogen P. gingivalis.  Ongoing research interests in the Gibson laboratory include defining the properties of the capsular polysaccharide of P. gingivalis that influence disease caused by this organism, the contribution of chronic infections such as periodontal disease to the progression of systemic diseases including atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.  Lastly, they are engaged in research investigating the affect of aging on inflammatory response to P. gingivalis.  Genetic techniques, molecular approaches, as well as cell-based and animal modeling are routinely employed in the Gibson laboratory to better characterize novel host-pathogen interactions. Collaborative studies with Drs. Genco, Wetzler and Weinberg are examining microbial induced mechanisms of inflammatory bone loss.

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