Daniel Remick, M.D.

Pathology and Laboratory Medicineremick head shot 2006

Office: 670 Albany, Bio III

Phone: 617-414-7043

Email: remickd@bu.edu


Dr. Remick’s laboratory focuses on investigating the inflammatory response with particular emphasis on soluble mediators of inflammation, the cytokines. They are attempting to determine how the inflammatory response results in tissue/organ injury and death. To achieve this goal the laboratory uses a variety of methods ranging from whole animal models to isolated cells with reporter gene constructs. The primary theme which ties together all of the projects is the careful measurement of cytokines. One area in the laboratory utilizes an animal model of sepsis. The primary focus is to understand the immunopathology of sepsis, determine why organs fail and why mice die. Another area of work examines how oxidants regulate chemokine expression. The third project examines the immunopathology of a novel model of murine asthma. The ultimate focus of the laboratory is to understand the reaction to inflammation so that it may be modulated to improve health outcomes.

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