The concept of the BU-TPID was kindled in early 2007 when a group of faculty from the departments of Medicine, Microbiology, Pathology, and Biomedical Engineering developed their shared multidisciplinary interests in inflammatory disorders and the underlying mechanisms of inflammation. In 2008 Dr. Genco organized a symposium at Boston University on Inflammation and Inflammatory Disorders that attracted international scientists working in the area of atherosclerosis, obesity and diabetes. These early efforts to foster the development of an integrated community interested in inflammation and inflammatory disorders were limited by a lack of structure and financial support. At the same time it became apparent that the existing training grants at Boston University could not support these additional areas of research and that there was a need for a new program which focused on inflammatory disorders and which encompassed a much broader faculty basis. It became increasing clear that there was a need for more interdisciplinary approaches as well as collaborative studies across departments and campuses within Boston University with emphasis on clinical and translational research. Importantly, a considerable number of collaborative projects and shared grants have emerged from these interactions.