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The BU PID Training Faculty all are current NIH grant recipients with funding from 8 NIH Institutes (NIAID, NHBLI, NIDCR, NCCR, NIDDK, NIAMS, NIEHS, and NIGMS) and who, as a group have had substantial training history. As a whole this group enjoys national and international recognition in their respective fields. The BU PID provides recruitment and training opportunities for junior faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty in the area of inflammation and inflammatory disorders. We acknowledge our funding organizations and individuals for helping to keep our projects supported so we can do what we do best, research and broadening the world’s knowledge of controlling and preventing inflammatory disorders.

Award for the Interdisciplinary NIH Training Grant “Boston University Institutional T32 on Inflammatory Disorders” was granted to BU with Caroline Genco as PI and Selim Unlu in the College of Engineering as Co-PI. This program is interuniversity, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary. Both pre and post-doctoral training will be supported in the areas of pathogen-induced inflammation; chronic non-communicable inflammatory disorders; and therapeutics and preventive strategies.

T32 Interdisciplinary NIH Training Grant

NIH / NIAID T32AI089673-01A1

Wetzler, PI

Unlu, co-PI


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