Boston University School of Medicine Inflammation Symposium
Bakst Auditorium, BUSM
May 23, 2016

Inflammation is absolutely essential for effective immune responses, including pathogen clearance and wound healing. However, a failure in the resolution of inflammation, or the chronic continuation of pathogen-independent inflammation, compromises the development of protective immune responses and drives a multitude of diseases. The BU Inflammation Symposium assembles leaders and trainees in the field of inflammatory responses to pathogens, obesity, and autoimmunity to 1. refine our current understanding of the diffuse term ³inflammation²; 2. identify gaps between this understanding and the identification of cures for inflammatory disease; and 3. brainstorm strategies that will fill these gaps to move our academic understanding of inflammation closer to improved clinical outcomes. Join us in this extension of the fall 2015 Provosts¹ Symposium on Inflammation in a format designed to emphasize thoughtful discussion, interaction and collaboration on key concepts and questions in inflammation.

Symposium Schedule

Organized by Barbara Nikolajczyk, Dept of Microbiology and Lee Wetzler, Director of the Training Program in Inflammatory Disorders and Section of Infectious Diseases, Dept. of Medicine

8:30 am Check-In Starts, Coffee/Light Breakfast

Session 1: Immunometabolism
9:00-9:30 Hardy Kornfeld, UMass Medical: “Diabetic Immunopathy.”

9:30-10:00 Doug Lauffenburger, MIT: “In Vivo Systems Analysis of Inlammatory Pathophysiology.”

10:00-10:20 Coffee Break

10:20-10:50 Barb Nikolajczyk, BUSM: “Defining Inflammation in Human Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.”

10:50-11:30 Tony Ferrante, Columbia: “Macrophage and a Novel Lipid Cycle in Fat.”

11:30-12:30 Peter Libby, Harvard & Brigham and Women Hospital
: “Novel Aspects of Innate Immunity in the Pathogenesis of the Acute Coronary Syndromes.”

Lunch 12:30-1:15

Special Focus Session: Autoimmunity
1:15-1:45 Ian Rifkin, BUSM: “Interferon Regulatory Factor 5 in the Pathogenesis of Lupus and Lupus-Associated Atherosclerosis”

Session 2: Pathogen-Induced Inflammatory Responses
1:45-2:15 Lee Wetzler, BUSM

2:15-2:55 Kathryn Moore, NYU: “MicroRNA Fine Tuning of Macrophage Immunometabolism.”

2:55-3:15 Coffee Break

3:15-3:45 Andy Henderson, BUSM: “Signaling through TLR4 Mediates Repression of HIV Replication.”

3:45-4:15 Jay Mizgerd, BUSM: “Lung Inflammation during Bacterial Pneumonia.”

Special Focus Session: Trainee Presentations  4:15-5:30

To register for the symposium please fill our registration form online. If you have any problems with the registration form please contact the program administrator, Francisco Patino. Thank you.

Sponsored by the Training Program in Inflammatory Disorders, the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS), The Dept. of Microbiology, The Evans Foundation ARC Program, Corning, Thermofisher, and the Sections of Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases, and Nephrology in the Dept. of Medicine