The apoptosome: a cell death signaling platform

In the intrinsic death pathway, cytochrome c binds to Apaf-1 and triggers apoptosome assembly in the presence of dATP. This platform binds procaspase-9, which activates procaspase-3 and other downstream procaspases. To understand this process, we determined a structure of the active pc-9 human apoptosome at near atomic resolution and created a model of this heptameric platform, which contains 49 domains, 7 cytochrome c molecules and 3-4 well ordered pc-9 CARDs. Further studies of the active apoptosome should provide additional insights into the assembly and function of this cell killer, which has a complicated and still mysterious activation program. In parallel studies, we determined a near atomic structure of the Drosophila Apaf-1 related killer (Dark) in the ground state. A comparison of human and Drosophila apoptosome structures provides a possible explanation for their nucleotide preferences.

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3D map depicts cell ‘wheel of death’ in action – Futurity

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