Gursky Lab News!

Welcome to Dr. Anna Rull from the San Pau Hospital in Barcelona, Spain! Anna joined the Gursky lab for 6 months to work on structural stability, aggregation and fusion of LDL subclasses.

Congratulations to Dr. Mengxiao Lu on her new position as a scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb!

Congratulations to Madhurima Das whose paper was selected for a cover of FEBS Journal, Volume 281, No. 11, June 2014

Cover title: “Hypothetical molecular mechanism of apoA-I misfolding in familial and in acquired amyloidosis”

FEBS J-cover-figure-page-001


Das, M., Mei, X., Jayaraman S., Atknson D., & Gursky, O. (2014) Amyloidogenic mutations in human apolipoprotein A-I are not necessarily destabilizing: A common mechanism of apoA-I misfolding in familial amyloidosis and atherosclerosis. FEBS Journal (E-pub April 7) PMID:24702826.

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