Electric Vehicles

Charging Stations:

610 Albany St Garage
14 charging ports for permit holders with Preferential Parking access only

710 Albany St Garage
8 charging ports
open to the public

Station Usage:

  • Electric vehicle drivers may charge their vehicle for up to 4 hours after which their vehicle must be moved.
  • The charging rate is $0.25 per hour. After the four hour limit, the rate increases to $6.00 per hour.
  • Non-charging vehicles are not permitted to park in these spots, as they are for ACTIVE CHARGING ONLY.
  • If your vehicle is fully charged prior to the first 4 free hours, please kindly move your vehicle ASAP

610 Preferential Parking Gate Area

Registered EV users with 610 Albany Street Garage parking permits may park in the “Preferential Parking” area on the 1st floor. This is where the EV chargers are located. To register, please submit a Hybrid-EV User Application Form (PDF) to bubmcpts@bu.edu.

When accessing the preferential parking area, please try your best to utilize the far right gate to badge in when entering the 610 garage. Please refrain from using the middle lane as this can cause traffic and for safety reasons. Before entering the preferential parking area there will be a second gate where registered carpoolers, hybrid, and electric vehicle members will need to badge into.

In order to enter the 610 preferential parking area:

  • HYBRID AND ELECTRIC VEHICLE drivers will badge in on the transponder labeled “HYBRID”. Only the payee’s ID badge will have access to enter the preferential parking area.
  • PLEASE HAVE YOUR ID BADGE READY PRIOR TO ENTERING THE 610 GARAGE, as idling will cause delays and backing up will be extremely difficult. Having your badge ready will help us to eliminate traffic in the garage

    *Violators will be cited and subject to being revoked from the parking program. Cameras have been installed to make sure all rules and regulations are being followed and to keep this area running as smoothly as possible.*