Courtesy Parking Coupons

Departments may pay for some or all of a visitor’s parking by providing validation stickers or coupons. Stickers must be attached to the parking ticket for their discount to take effect.  ONLY VALID AT 710 ALBANY STREET GARAGE.

BU departments must purchase parking coupons using an ISR via BUworks. Please submit the ISR, print it, and bring it to the PTS office to receive your coupons. No form required, only the ISR.

BMC departments must fill out one of the forms below to obtain parking coupons. The form may then be brought to the PTS office to receive your coupons.

Validation Type
Book of 12
Brown Sticker (form – BMC Only) $3 discount $36
Green Sticker (form – BMC Only) $8 discount* $96
Red Coupon (form – BMC Only) 1-day free $480

*$16 discount with 2 Green Stickers

Departments may purchase validation sticker booklets at BUMC-BMC Parking & Transportation Services (710 Albany Street). Office hours are 7 a.m-5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. If you have any questions please contact the Office at 617-638-4915.