Parking Permits

Every employee, faculty, staff and student vehicle parked on Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC) or  Boston Medical Center (BMC) property must display a valid parking permit. A permit allows a vehicle to be parked only in an assigned parking facility. A permit does not guarantee space in parking facilities, but every effort is extended to accommodate permit holders.

Access and egress to all parking facilities are by card access only: authorized BMC and BUMC IDs.

All permit transactions (issuance, exchanges and returns) are conducted at the PTS office. Permits are issued for up to 12-months. A valid vehicle registration and a valid identification must be presented to validate eligibility for a parking permit.

Permits must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle and should be affixed to the rear side window on the driver’s side.

Altering the information on a permit may result in immediate suspension of parking privileges and/or other disciplinary action, as appropriate, including possible legal prosecution.