Parking Permits

Every employee, faculty, staff and student vehicle parked on BUMC property must display a valid BUMC parking permit. A permit allows a vehicle to be parked only in an assigned parking facility. A permit does not guarantee space in BUMC parking facilities, but every effort is extended to accommodate permit holders.

Access and egress to all parking facilities are by card access only. Authorized BMC and BUMC ID’s.

All permit transactions (issuance, exchanges and returns) are conducted at the OPTS. Permits are issued for up to a 12-month period. A valid vehicle registration and a valid Boston University Medical Center identification must be presented to validate eligibility for a BUMC parking permit.

Permits must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Parking permits are to be affixed to the rear side window on the driver’s side.

Altering the information on a permit may result in immediate suspension of parking privileges and/or other disciplinary action, as appropriate, including possible legal prosecution.


Employees, faculty, staff and students who require a handicapped parking accommodation must present certification of disability to the OPTS and display an authorized handicapped plate or placard on their vehicle.

Carpools and vanpools must be registered with OPTS. Carpools require at least two persons in the vehicle when entering the parking facility. All carpools and vanpools must display an authorized permit on the dashboard or overhead visor. In order to encourage carpools and vanpools, registered participants may be provided preferential parking at the 610 Albany Street Garage.


Boston University Medical Center’s Parking and Transportation Services operation is self-funded and rates are intended to meet the overall costs of operation. Rates are generally reviewed annually but may change at any time with a minimum of 30 days notice to registered parkers.

Permit holders who will be away from BUMC for an extended period of time (e.g., maternity leave, sabbatical) may contact the OPTS prior to their departure to temporarily suspend their parking payroll deduction.


Refunds on prepaid permits will be issued and payroll deductions will be terminated when the OPTS receives the permit, accompanied by a formal cancellation request. The OPTS must be notified if your permit cannot be returned or a $20 fee will be charged.

If notification of termination is not given, charges will continue to accrue regardless of the permit’s date of expiration. The effective termination date for payroll deductions is either the date on which the permit is received by the OPTS or the last day of employment, whichever is first.

If your vehicle is sold, or if the registration is changed in any way, you must return your old permit or provide OPTS with proof of sale, transfer or disposal of your vehicle in order to be issued a new permit.

Lost or stolen permits must be reported to the OPTS immediately.

Replacement permits (e.g., to replace lost or stolen permits) will be assessed a $20 fee.

To apply for a parking permit, please print out and complete the application. It is required that you return the  application in person to the OPTS located at 710 Albany St. first level near the entrance to the parking garage.