BUMC Student MBTA Pass

MBTA Student Semester Pass – Fall 2020 enrollment

BUMC students (full-time and part-time) may sign up for the MBTA semester pass program and save 11 percent. There is a Fall Semester pass for September-December and a Spring Semester pass for February-May. Summer discounted MBTA semester passes are NOT available.

To apply for a MBTA Student Semester Pass:

  • To apply, go to the Student Link and select “MBTA Semester Pass” from the express link menu, log in using your Boston University login name and Kerberos password, and then follow the on-screen instructions. If you do not have a BU login name and Kerberos password, select the Student Link’s “Basics” tab and then select “Read Me First/Getting Started” for instructions. Applications, cancellations, or refunds cannot be processed after the MBTA deadline (4pm EDT, August 10th,2020).Note: Students wishing to charge their student account must be registered full-time and in good standing to charge their account on the date of the deadline.

**Semester Link, Local Bus, Inner Express, and Outer Express passes will be loaded on to a CharlieCard, which will remain valid from February 1st until May 31st, 2020. If your bus or link pass is lost or damaged, contact us and we can order you a replacement pass at no extra cost. Unfortunately, the MBTA will not issue replacement passes for lost Zone or Boat passes.**


Pass Type 2020 Spring Semester Pass Price Replaceable if lost or stolen One Card for Entire Semester
Local Bus $192.00
LinkPass (most popular) $320.00
Commuter Rail Zone 1A $320.00
Inner Express Bus $484.00
Outer Express Bus $596.00
Commuter Rail Zone 1 $760.00
Commuter Rail Zone 2 $824.00
Commuter Rail Zone 3 $928.00
Commuter Rail Zone 4 $1,000.00
Commuter Rail Zone 5 $1,104.00
Commuter Rail Zone 6 $1,208.00
Commuter Rail Zone 7 $1,280.00
Commuter Rail Zone 8 $1,380.00
Boat $1,168.00

Charlie Card vs. CharlieTicket

LinkPasses and Bus Passes (Local, Inner Express, and Outer Express) are issued on “CharlieCards” which are used for the whole semester and can be replaced if lost or stolen. Commuter Rail Passes (including Zone 1A) are issued on “CharlieTickets” which must be picked up each month and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note:

  • No applications, cancellations, or refunds can be processed once the Fall semester deadline has passed. These are non-negotiable policies set by the MBTA.
  • CharlieCards issued for the Semester Pass program are only valid for the time period specified.
  • DO NOT add a monthly pass or fare value to your CharlieCard as the card will expire when the program ends.
  • Fall Semester Pass CharlieCards expire on December 31 and Spring Semester Pass CharlieCards expire on May 31.