A Better City/GoMassCommute Benefits

We have a new Transportation Management Association (TMA) and they’ve got some great commuter benefits and incentives for BU and BMC employees including:

Guaranteed Ride Home

A free Uber ride home on days when there’s a qualifying emergency preventing you from getting home the way you normally would. Be sure to register in advance – step-by-step instructions can be found here!

Ride Matching

Carpooling is fun and saves tons of money, but how do folks find their carpool partners? If they’re lucky enough to work for a member of A Better City TMA, they have access to top-notch ride matching software that can help you find carpooling colleagues.


From gift certificates for coffee to cash for changing your commute habits, A Better City has numerous programs designed to help employees embrace healthy, active commuting.

If you are curious how to collect these benefits you can get started by creating a GoMassCommute account, join a network and start collecting incentives for your commute to work.

Choose a network here:

Boston University Medical Campus

Boston Medical Center

A Better City Website

Visit the A Better City website for more information.

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