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Payment for Services

Boston Medical Center Data Warehouse
Charges for Accessing Data for Research Purposes

Sample Research Questions and Estimates
of Time/Charge to Answer Them

  • Q: Where do the charges go and why are there charges for this service?
    • A: The funds go to pay for the service (of accessing the Clinical Data Warehouse for research purposes). Boston Medical Center has invested in the creation and maintenance of the warehouse. Funds collected for accessing data for research purposes are not used for warehouse operations. They are used to expand and maintain services for investigators to be able to easily access these data for research purposes.
  • Q: What are the charges for accessing data for research purposes from the Boston Medical Center Clinical Data Warehouse?
    • A: $75 per hour. Researchers are encouraged to include these costs in grant proposal budgets as either a service, consultation, or as percent full time equivalent (FTE) for the data warehouse manager, as appropriate.
  • Q: How are data request charges determined and billed for?
    • A: Researchers are encouraged to request an estimate of effort anticipated. Having a well-defined request from you will enable us to estimate your costs more accurately and will shorten the time needed to complete requests. When the work is done, the warehouse manager prepares an invoice for you or your department to pay.