Research and Scholarly Activity Series

Participation in scholarship can benefit all physicians and physicians-in-training by fostering lifelong learning, helping develop critical appraisal skills, and nurturing mentorship relationships. The Department of Neurology Research and Scholarly Activity Series (RSAS) was created to explore topics and resources available to support clinical research and scholarly activity done by residents, fellows and faculty. The series occurs 8-10 times a year on a Tuesday at noon and consists of speakers within our own department as well as from other departments within the School of Medicine or the School of Public Health. Seminars are interactive and have featured topics ranging from Literature Search Strategies, How to Write a Manuscript, Population-Based Studies, as well as Biostatistics Consultation and Critical Appraisal of the Literature. Videos are regularly posted at BU MyMedia.

Course director:
Ludy Shih, MD, MMSc
Associate Professor of Neurology, BUSM
Residency Research Track Director, BMC