RefWorks: References

Working with References

Viewing References

  • You can see a list of all your references by going to “All References” under “View.” This displays your references sorted alphabetically by author name; you can sort them in other ways by selecting from the options on the “Sort By” menu in the upper right hand corner.
  • If a reference is already in a folder, the folder name (or names, if it is in more than one folder) will be displayed to the right of the reference. You will also see links to “View” the information in the reference (reference type, title, author, abstract, etc.), and to “Edit” it if desired.
  • From the All References screen you can easily work with your references, selecting those to be moved to various folders, deleting those you no longer need, adding notes with Global Edit, etc.

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Editing Single References

  • You can edit the information in any of your references if you need to add notes, correct spelling, etc.
  • On any screen that shows references (“All References,” and within any folder), you will see two links on the right side of the screen following the reference name: “View” (which lets you see all the information fields for that reference) and “Edit” (which lets you make changes to that information). If you select “View,” you will also see an “Edit” button at the top of the reference.
  • Click “Edit” from either of these screens, and you will see an editable record in which you can make changes to any of the information listed, add details, make notes for yourself, etc.
  • When you have finished editing, click “save reference” at the top or bottom of the record. The record will not close, but a confirmation note should appear telling you that the reference has been saved. You can then return to the reference list by clicking the link on the upper right.

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Global Edit

  • Global Edit is a feature that allows you to edit multiple references at once if you want to make the same change(s) to all of them.
  • On any screen that shows a list of references, select the ones you want to edit by either checking the box next to each, or selecting “page” or “all in list.” Click the “Global Edit” button at the top of the list.
  • You will see a screen with four tabs allowing you to add, move, delete, or replace information within the selected records.
  • Choose the appropriate tab, and select the field or fields you will be editing from the listed options.
  • Make your additions or corrections, and choose from among the secondary options, if any are presented. Click “OK.”
  • You should receive a confirmation screen telling you that the changes were made. You can view your changes by returning to the references either in All References or in the specific folder where they are stored.

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Removing or Deleting References

  • You can remove a reference from a folder by selecting the folder name in “View” under “Folders” (or “Folder” under “View”), then selecting the desired reference or references and clicking “Remove from Folder.”
  • This removes the reference(s) from that folder, but does not delete it entirely. If there was a copy of the reference stored in another folder, it will remain there, and if you remove a reference that is not stored in another folder, it will be saved in the References Not in a Folder area.
  • To delete a reference entirely, click the “delete” button on any page that shows references (on pages showing multiple references, you may select several references and delete them all at once).
  • Deleted references will be stored in the Deleted References folder for 30 days before being permanently erased, and may be retrieved during this period if you find you do want the reference after all (see Deleted References in Default Folders).

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