Book Digitization Request

Faculty and students of the BU Medical Campus may use this form to request that the library digitize a portion of a physical book in the print collection for inclusion in our Digital Course Reserves lists.

This form is used to request course reserves access to print books that are held in the Alumni Medical Library collection but are currently inaccessible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To request journal articles, single book chapters for personal interest, or any materials not held in the Medical Library collections, please use the ILL request form.

Please ensure that the book is available either at “Alumni Medical Library Stacks,” or “Alumni Medical Library Reserve.” Books in “Alumni Medical Library Offsite Storage,” as well as those held by other BU libraries, are NOT eligible for the Medical Library’s digitization service.

All digitized materials will be available for two-hour loans through the Digital Course Reserves page. Materials will be made available as soon as possible upon request, but since staff are only available to scan items part-time, please be aware that it may take a few days.