Sebastian Suarez Zarate MD, MPH

Clinical Instructor, General Internal Medicine

72 East Concord Street | (617) 414-5951
Sebastian Suarez Zarate

General Internal Medicine


Dr. Suarez Zarate completed his medical school in the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, after which he completed a Post-doc at BIDMC on bone health and fracture prevention. He then completed his MPH at Harvard T.H Chan SPH with an emphasis in Global Health and a Humanitarian Aid, Ethics, and Human Rights Concentration. He later joined the Division of Global Health Innovation at MGH, where he worked as an Associate Research Scientist and manager for programs that aimed to increase access to healthcare to underserved populations in Kenya and India. He completed is Internal Medicine residency at Boston Medical Center, where he currently serves as Chief Medical Resident. He has clinical interest in Hospital Medicine, POCUS and bedside procedures and he has academic interest in the interesection between medical education and health disparities.


Medicine, MD, Universidad de Los Andes

MPH, Harvard School of Public Health


Published on 7/29/2022

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Published on 4/7/2020

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Published on 2/1/2020

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Published on 1/6/2020

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