Rupali Dhond PhD

Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

150 S Huntington Avenue | (617) 529-7839

General Internal Medicine


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Neuroscience/Neurology, PhD, University of Utah, 2004

Business Administration, BS, Washington University in St. Louis, 1996

Biology, BS, Washington University in St. Louis, 1996


Published on 9/2/2021

Dhond R, Elbers D, Majahalme N, Dipietro S, Goryachev S, Acher R, Leatherman S, Anglin-Foote T, Liu Q, Su S, Seerapu R, Hall R, Ferguson R, Brophy MT, Ferraro J, DuVall SL, Do NV. ProjectFlow: a configurable workflow management application for point of care research. JAMIA Open. 2021 Jul; 4(3):ooab074. PMID: 34485848.

Published on 10/2/2019

Do N, Grossman R, Feldman T, Fillmore N, Elbers D, Tuck D, Dhond R, Selva L, Meng F, Fitzsimons M, Ajjarapu S, Ayandeh S, Hall R, Do S, Brophy M. The Veterans Precision Oncology Data Commons: Transforming VA data into a national resource for research in precision oncology. Semin Oncol. 2019 Aug - Oct; 46(4-5):314-320. PMID: 31629530.

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