Robert Douglas Bruce MD, MA, MS

Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine

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Robert Bruce

General Internal Medicine


From academics to public/community health, Dr. Bruce has worked to develop and implement research and public health interventions both locally and internationally. Dr. Bruce is a global expert in substance use disorders among people with HIV/hepatitis C and serves as the substance use team lead for the Department of Health and Human Services Antiretroviral Guideline committee. From drug-drug interaction work to ascertain the impact of HIV and HCV therapeutics on methadone/buprenorphine and operations research to improve HIV/HCV and tuberculosis care, he has translated research into the clinical environments to improve outcomes for marginalized populations and reduce health disparities.

A significant portion of Dr. Bruce’s work focused on the impact of addiction on HIV globally. In Tanzania, for example, he had the privilege of working with local leaders to help establish a treatment for opioid use disorders and combat the growing HIV incidence rate among people who inject drugs (42% of people injecting had HIV). In 2010, he worked to establish, train, and mentor clinical staff in preparation for starting the first public methadone program in continental sub-Sahara Africa, which started dosing in February 2011. The program has grown from one clinic to several, with thousands in treatment and clinical programs at the intersection of addiction and HIV and tuberculosis. In addition to the work in Tanzania, he has provided technical assistance to the CDC, United Nations, USAID, and non-governmental organizations to address HIV and substance use epidemics globally.

Dr. Bruce transitioned out of his research role at Yale and took the Chief of Medicine position at Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center (CSHHC) with the goal of transforming healthcare in the New Haven community. Over the next 7 years he had the privilege of helping to transform the largest health center in New Haven with a focus on quality and value based care which resulted in significant improvements in the delivery of clinical care, improvements in quality of care, and cost savings for CT Medicaid and the community. At the time of Dr. Bruce’s departure, the health center was poised to assume operational control of the Internal Medicine and OB/GYN ambulatory practices and outpatient residency training of Yale New Haven Health in October 2020. This will grow the health center’s relationship with the Yale School of Medicine as faculty will now teach within a health center context and will add over 10,000 patients and over 150 residents into the health center community.

In September 2020, Dr. Bruce moved to Boston to join Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center to continue practice transformation, innovation and quality improvement within a safety net organization’s large academic medical practice.


Medicine, MD, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 1997


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